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Graphic Design And Animation Services Chandigarh

Our designers create stunning logos and brand materials, illustrations & infographics, tradeshow and other marketing materials to make your company stand out above the rest.

A well laid out graphics design is a key aspect for running a business successfully. A business with good graphics that include logo, brochures and all other kinds of advertisements and with eye catching layouts and design can be far better expected to deliver as compared to the one that lags these aspects. At Eracom we understand your business requirements and create an aesthetically pleasing design for you so that your customers get the best user experience.

Logo Design Services

A Logo is a corporate identity of each company. And accordingly it will become very important to be meticulous while designing a logo for your business. We all know that pictures and colours convey more than mere words. Pictures and colors leave and impact of the mind of the people whose have viewed it.

People can tend to forget words or phrases used as jingle or advertising and marketing lines of your business, however the symbol or logo will always be remember and recognized wherever they see it. Now that’s the impact of a LOGO. The affect of logo in different ways is referred to as branding.

Your Company Logo is very important as it identifies your business. So it is a compulsion that you get your logo designed in the most special way to leave or make its first affect on its viewers. When we speak about the logo design services and its utmost significance of selection making, there arises a dilemma of deciding on the proper associate to design your LOGO. Well we can make sure that your dilemma will end at Eracom. We associate with you to design a professional LOGO for your business.

We as a business want to understand that people don’t simply purchase a product; it is the Brand that they buy. This is a result of strong branding, however your branding and advertising and marketing will be worthless without a professionally designed and high quality logo. Like all the different things, you additionally want to do a little study for designing a logo. You want to analyze the market, your competitors and the kind of LOGO that will suit your business very meticulously. Your logo should be designed in a way that it stands unique and distinguished particularly from your competitors. Your clients have to be in a position to differentiate your logo from that of your competitors. The next thing that comes on the to-do list is to understand the expectations of your market and the kind of message the logos of your competitors are conveying. All this research will inturn help you to design your Logo. We help you do this small research work so that the product which is your logo is no longer only beautiful and special however additionally conveying the message for your business. Our professional team of designers will sit with you personally to understand what you expect from your logo. It is only after collecting the required information do they start working on creating a logo. You have to be very cautious while selecting a Eracom to partner with you to design your logo. Our Professional services are no longer only less costly however they maintain a total different level of quality standard. Our quality and dedication in our work leaves us the most preferred LOGO designing professionals.

Thus feel free to write to us about your Logo design requirements and we will be at your service.


Logos & Branding

  • Logo Development • Branding Elements • Brandbook Development & Design • Collateral & Stationery Packages

  • Animations, Presentations & Explainer Videos Ideal for customer engagement, investor/company presentations and product/service spotlight

  • Tradeshow Materials Booths & Environments • Pullup Banners • Handoutss

  • Custom Illustrations & Infographics Digital & Vector Illustrations • Icon Sets • Infographics • Diagrams & Charts

  • Signage & Displays Wall Signage • Outdoor Signage • Posters • Menu Boards • Car Wraps

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