Latest UI/UX Design Trends That Will Rule


Latest UI/UX Design Trends That Will Rule

Here is just a quick look at some statistics that demonstrate how important UI/UX design is to any project as we experience the year 2021 and its technological advancements in the world of design. 

  • After having a poor user experience, 88% of online shoppers won't visit the same website again. 

  • Customers are 62% less likely to purchase from the same brand again after having a bad brand experience on their mobile devices. 

The year 2022 is quickly approaching, and UI/UX trends have convinced us that this design field has a bright future and that the ideal fusion of technology and design will result in innovation, unlike anything we have ever seen.

How Does UI/UX Design Work?

Simply put, the first impression is the last, and that is what a well-designed UI/UX design achieves. Two essential building blocks for good design are user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). These components are intended to draw users to any website or application and help them feel connected. To achieve the ideal balance between user satisfaction and the functionality of the software, UI/UX is primarily concerned.

Trends In UI/UX To Watch For

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • The Minimalistic Trend

  • Persuasive Storytelling Around Products

  • Mobile-First Design

  • Utilization of 3D Elements

  • AR and VR Shall Continue to Wow Users

  • Voice-based Assistance Popularity

  • The Dark Mode

  • Abstract Data Visualization & Realistic Textures

  • Microcopy and UX Writing

  • Hand-drawn and Floating Elements

  • Logging In Without Passwords

  • Representation Through Videos

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Two significant technologies, AI and ML, have done everything possible to provide the design elements with the best of their technical expertise. The personalization of services, combined with the automation of many tasks, has been made possible by the application of AI and ML techniques. With an improved user experience, personalization has made it possible to increase conversion rates.

The trend toward minimalism is dominating:

UI/UX design trends favor simplicity and intelligence because they are frequently in style. Users can choose from a wide variety of features, data, alerts, and other options when technology and design work together well. 

We Need Persuasive Storytelling About Products Right Now:

Understanding customer perception, preferences, and history alone are no longer sufficient. The development of persuading storytelling centered on the product category will be necessary for the upcoming year as a step further. Designers will need to develop narratives around products and feature them on websites and apps to draw users in now that the trend has shifted to content. By doing this, a strong brand image is developed, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

Designing for mobile first is now the norm:

According to trends, the majority of searches and transactions take place on mobile devices. Even Google has developed "mobile-first indexing," which emphasizes the importance of having an interface builder that is mobile-friendly and functional on all kinds of devices. Designing a mobile-first application will be of utmost importance to mobile UI/UX designers. 

Utilizing 3D Elements Will Improve The Idea Of UI/UX Design:

The fundamental idea behind the 3D design has always been appealing, and now that UI/UX design features have indeed been incorporated with the 3D ideas, apps and websites are getting even more exciting. The 3D design components will be ideal with the aid of AI, AR, and VR. To draw clients and keep their attention, UI/UX designers are figuring out ways to fit 3D elements into their projects. 

Consumers Will Proceed To be Astounded By AR And VR's Magical Features:

Around the world in various fields, AR and VR have been twinning their successes. One area that these technologies notably eclipsed was gaming. As the new year approaches, AR/VR will no longer be restricted to purely gaming applications; instead, they are spreading their virtue and technical efficacy to numerous other industrial sectors.

Voice-based Assistance Is Becoming More Commonplace:

The use of voice-based technology has grown significantly as design and technology become more integrated. Numerous users, whether they are using them for personal or professional purposes, can get high-quality voice assistance from smart voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

The upcoming year will see the integration of voice-based techniques with a variety of technologies, like speech recognition technology, voice-related search, chatbots, and voice assistant integration with well-known apps like Uber and Lyft.

The Dark Mode is doing brisk business.

Popular companies like Instagram, Facebook, and Apple have begun to offer users a dark theme option. Because of its key attributes, including its contemporary appearance, battery efficiency, highlighting of design elements, and decreased eye strain, it is becoming increasingly popular.

Realistic Textures With Abstract Data Visualization Are Catching People's Eyes:

The standard set of design components is still present, but because the user finds it tedious, a newer method of viewing data has emerged. A novel idea that uniquely presents data is abstract data visualization. This works well for displaying data in cutting-edge apps and websites. Users are drawn to the abstract way of displaying data because it gives them a new perspective on the information. 

The Writing of Microcopy and UX Attracts More Attention

The newest concept is microcopy and UX. Writing is the application of brief textual instructions or information in various formats, such as forms, button labels, error messages, tips, pop-up windows, etc. In small ways, it serves as an instant associate for users while they browse the portals.

Floating and hand-drawn elements add creativity and relevance:

More freehand design elements are being used to give users a unique experience. Users are drawn to these drawings because they have a more realistic feel to them. There is a tiny bit of flaw, but that is what is appreciated from a different viewpoint. In their portfolios, designers are now using hand-drawn elements.

Passwordless Logins Are the New Real:

For almost all users, forgetting passwords was a nightmare. The newest fashion is to provide logins without passwords. This is a significant UI/UX design trend gaining traction in the industry. We can anticipate logging in without having to remember passwords in the upcoming year.

Representation in Videos Is Gaining More Support:

Users are appreciating and enjoy the experience of watching videos on apps and websites. Designers will be seen concentrating more on this aspect in the coming years. In any case, videos convey ideas more effectively than text or images.

Cross-platform designs will make the design era more vibrant:

Designing apps and websites should always use cross-platform development as it makes the best use of contemporary tools and progressive frameworks. It provides an efficient output from a single codebase to various devices, including mobile, web, and desktop.

Ethical Design Is Increasingly Adapted:

The most recent trend involves incorporating ethics into the design concept. What is good for the customer and what will make the customer feel more wanted is more important than simply considering what the customer will like. Modern designers prefer the idea of ethical design because it gives users the most direct inputs while not requiring them to enter data or provide input continuously.

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