How To Build A Better-Converting Website


How To Build A Better-Converting Website

How to Create a More Converting Website

Every website is built with a specific goal in mind, such as sales, leads, or engagement. However, proper design is required to create a website that meets those objectives.

Make something for your users.

Put the needs of the site's visitors first. If you don't know what your users' needs are, ask them. As a user-centered agency, this principle serves as the foundation for everything we create.

Create with a specific goal in mind.

A fantastic website combines both beauty and intelligence. Of course, it should look good. It must, however, be built with a clear understanding of its most important goals and conversion points, as well as how the website will assist users on their journey toward those goals.

Our website design process

Eracom’s website design approach has been tested and refined over many years and hundreds of websites, spanning almost every industry imaginable. We’re a Zirakpur web design agency, but we work with clients of different countries.

User Research + Discovery

Learning about you (and your users)

We begin by gaining an understanding of your company. We consult with key stakeholders and dig deep into existing data, including the performance of any existing site.

Our goal is to begin user research as soon as possible. This could include speaking with your customers, conducting quantitative research such as surveys, or performing user testing on your current site.


Imagining a site that is serious about business

A website strategy aligns the proposed structure, content, and features of a website with business goals. It's where we make high-level decisions about the website's direction.

An experienced website strategist works with UX, design, and content specialists to conduct research, identify challenges and opportunities, and make recommendations during the strategy. We present a strategy document at the end of the phase that guides the creation of the website and sets the tone for your project.


In planning, our information architects and UX designers translate strategic direction into a site blueprint. Planning is also where we identify the technical requirements and specifications for the site.

A sitemap, which shows the structure and hierarchy of the site's pages, is the first key deliverable. Then there are wireframes, which are low-fidelity, black-and-white designs that show the essential structure of each page template. These deliverables are backed up by as much user research as we can manage – we're passionate about putting our ideas in front of people to test and refine them.


Making the website come to life

Design is where all of your hard work pays off. We start with an exploratory – as the name implies, we explore a variety of options with you to get a sense of how to represent your brand.

Some of our clients have strict brand guidelines, while others want advice on how to define or reimagine their brand – we're equally at ease working with both.

The design phase deliverables are full-color mockups of each template, which are based on the wireframes created during the planning phase. As we progress, each mockup is presented to your team for detailed feedback, beginning with the homepage. And, because a fully responsive design is unavoidable, we design for desktop, mobile, and tablet separately, optimizing every element and interaction for each device.


Finding the right words to motivate and persuade

Everyone is a writer. However, not everyone writes for the internet.

Our copywriters understand how to write concisely and effectively to capture ever-shrinking attention spans. They understand how to make a story unfold and pages flow. They can think like a first-time site visitor and make a page appealing to both humans and search engine bots. And they'll sift through product features, service offerings, and other details to find a message that resonates.


Focuses on increasing relevance, reach, and discoverability.

SEO is woven into the fabric of a successful website, not added on as an afterthought. Building your site first and "doing SEO" later can lead to missed opportunities or jeopardize existing equity.

As a result, each website we create is built with SEO in mind. Our SEO specialists remain involved throughout the project to ensure that the right pages are created in the right places. Sitemaps, wireframes, copy, and even design elements are scrutinized to ensure they are discoverable, relevant, and adhere to SEO best practices.

Development, testing, and release

We have expert website development resources in-house as a full-service website agency, but we're equally at ease working with in-house or third-party dev teams.

We're used to delivering off-spec docs and marked-up visual designs in a way that makes life easier for the development team, making it simple to build a site that looks and performs exactly as expected.

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