Everything You Need To Know About Graphic Design


Everything You Need To Know About Graphic Design

What exactly is it?

The practice of composing and arranging the visual elements of a project is known as graphic design. Graphic design includes everything from designing the layout of a magazine to creating a poster for a theatre performance to designing product packaging.


Good graphic design simplifies communication. Consider a spreadsheet with data analytics. A graphic designer may use different colors to highlight which metrics are rising and which are falling, allowing the viewer to quickly understand what is going well and what needs to be adjusted.

Types of Graphic Design

Brand design

Setting guidelines and best practices for a company to use across all branded materials to ensure consistent brand identity is the practice of brand design.

Brand design work includes,

  • creating logos and establishing clear guidelines for how they should be used, as well as creating letterhead, icons, and various illustrations.
  • choosing brand colors and establishing clear guidelines for their use
  • font creation or selection, and typography guidelines
  • creating brand guidelines-compliant templates that can be used by marketing, growth, and other teams packaging design and graphics for product design

Marketing design

Graphic design for marketing initiatives is referred to as marketing design.

Graphic design for marketing campaigns can be done by marketing designers.

  • emails
  • newsletters
  • billboards and other signage
  • posters
  • print ads
  • trade show booths
  • physical mailers
  • website assets

Web design

Many graphic designers create visual elements for use on websites. However, it is important to note that web design and graphic design are not the same things.

Web designers may work on a variety of projects, including:

  • Creating icons and buttons
  • Creating images, illustrations, and other graphics
  • Designing web page layouts
  • Creating various interactive design elements on a website
  • Creating videos and gifs
  • Helping ensure visual elements are optimized for all devices (desktop, mobile, etc.)
  • Working with web development, UX, UI, and marketing design teams to improve the overall experience for site visitors

Illustration design

Illustrations are frequently used in web, marketing, and brand design, but they are also used in other ways.

Illustrators may design visual assets for:

  • children’s books
  • t-shirts and other wearables
  • cards and stationery
  • websites
  • social media 
  • video and interactive media
  • marketing campaigns

Type design

Some graphic designers specialize in typography, typefaces, or font selection.

Type design can include:

  • Creating custom lettering and numerals
  • Writing or digitally creating typography assets
  • Selecting fonts and creating typography guidelines for a brand 

Infographic design

At their most basic, infographics are simply visual representations of data or information. The common thread is that they assist the viewer in better understanding a large amount of information or complex concepts.

Textile and surface design

Textile graphic designers may create designs for:

  • fabrics
  • wallpaper
  • carpets
  • furniture

Many textile designers have prior experience not only designing graphics but also printing or creating textiles.

Packaging design

From food to gadgets to designer jewelry, the packaging in which items are shipped is often as important as the items themselves. Product packaging designers strive to highlight or complement the items contained within the packages.

Editorial design

The editorial graphic design gave rise to the term "graphic design," and it is still an important part of both print and digital editorial publications today. Publication design encompasses:

  • books
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • emails and digital publications

Editorial graphic design contributes to the tone of a publication and can enhance the written word. To learn more about graphic design services, contact us.

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