What to Think About When It Comes to Content Marketing vs. Paid Advertising


What to Think About When It Comes to Content Marketing vs. Paid Advertising

In the long run, content marketing is the most effective way to build a more loyal audience, generate higher-quality leads, and increase conversions.

The Case for Content

Pro: Content attracts more qualified leads.

Paid search and paid social ads consistently generate fewer leads and lower conversion rates than organic search. People who are actively looking for content that is relevant to what your company does are the most likely to purchase.

Cons: It Takes Time to Create Content

Google will index your site between a day and a month after it's published, assuming you've optimized it for all the right keywords.

Posting your articles and whitepapers on social media and in your email newsletters is a great way to get people to look at your pages.

Pro: More bang for your buck with content

You'll have to pay content creators if you want to create content. However, the good news is that the costs are mostly one-time. Once you've published something, it's there to stay.

Con: Good Content Creators are Hard to Come By

When it comes to marketing content, you need someone who can communicate clearly and effectively in a style that matches your brand's image and appeals to your buyer personas.

Pro: There’s an Agency for That

The good news is that there are already marketing agencies that employ talented writers with the exact skill set needed to create compelling content for your company.

The Benefits of Paid

So, what about pay-per-click advertising, such as search results, social ads, and banner ads?

Pro: pay-per-click Positions You at the Top

You'll jump to the top of the search results for that keyword if you bid high enough and your page is relevant.

Con: Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is Unaffordably Expensive

Pro/Con: Visibility is Extremely Unpredictable

The amount required to win a bid for a specific keyword is simply determined by the number of other websites bidding on that keyword. According to the Search Engine Journal, click-through rates  for 20 major industry categories were broken down. If you're going to focus on a pay-per-click strategy, you'll want to limit your keywords to clear, specific terms that relate to your industry and product.

The Bottom Line: There's Enough Room for Everyone

In the end, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for any business. Many businesses have a content strategy in place that generates a steady stream of leads, but they occasionally need a boost from a pay-per-click campaign.

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