Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Affiliate Site


Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Affiliate Site

Backlinks to your affiliate site can help you in a variety of ways. They can help you improve your search engine rankings, increase organic traffic to your site, and boost your credibility.

To drive sales, content-focused affiliate marketers need a strong backlink profile. However, not all backlinks are created equal. Everyone wants contextual links from high-quality content publishing websites with a high domain rating (DR). Your ability to generate these links, organically or through collaborations, will depend on your DR, the quality of your content, and the reputation you have built-in that niche.

Link building strategies for affiliates

  • Guest posts

  • Content collaborations

  • Roundup insights

Guest posts

It's still worthwhile to submit guest posts. It serves two purposes: one is to build your brand and authority, and the other is to improve your domain rating through quality backlinks.

Each guest post, like each article on your website, takes a significant amount of time. So, pick your topics wisely and make the most of your knowledge and experience.

Because you need them more than they need your content, high DR websites can afford to be picky. They are inundated with requests for guest posts.

How to guest post

The procedure for getting your guest post published is usually the same:

  • Look for websites that accept guest posts and read through their policies.

  • Make a topic (or several topics) that are relevant to the websites you've chosen.

  • Write a pitch for a guest post and send it to those sites.

  • While you wait for their approval, start writing your guest post.

  • Remember to include a link to an article on your website that is relevant.

  • Make your article more visually appealing by including images and other visual elements.

  • If your draught is accepted, you can send it to other websites, or you can send your pitch to other websites.

  • If necessary, make changes and send the final version to the editor.

Content collaborations

Gather a list of potential content collaborators in your niche and reach out to them to get started. You can also join or start a new blogger community on social media.

The benefit of joining a community is that you don't have to contact each of your previous collaborators individually when you want to work with them again. Simply advertise your collaboration opportunity in the community and choose the partners whose content appears to add the most value. All content partnerships must be relevant. It's perfectly acceptable to be picky.

Relevance: To ensure that the co-promotion is beneficial to both parties, the blogger should write in the same niche as you and target a similar audience.

Domain Rating: The higher the DR, the more credible the website. As a result, a backlink from a website with a high DR is more valuable to you as a trust signal. Before you proceed with the collaboration, use a website authority checker to check the domain of your potential partner.


Size of traffic: For a fair exchange, it's also a good idea to collaborate with bloggers who are roughly at the same stage of traffic growth. To check their website traffic statistics, use a web analytics service like SimilarWeb or any SEO tool.

Roundup insights

This strategy entails sharing your thoughts on a particular subject and having them published in a roundup post with a link to your website.

The advantage of roundup insights over the previous strategy of collaborating with other bloggers is that you can earn valuable links without having to link back to anyone's website.

According to the number and variety of queries, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) remains the most popular platform for roundup insights. However, because each comment is tailored to a specific query, those pitches that are not accepted by the author usually end up being wasted on such platforms. Other platforms, such as HARO, are available. Choose topics in which you have prior experience, adhere to the guidelines, and write your thoughts, but don't spend too much time on them.

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