Branding Strategies For Social Media


Branding Strategies For Social Media

Social Media Objectives

Every path is incorrect without a goal.

What are your objectives? When do you want to finish it?

These two questions are critical for a successful social media strategy and brand development.

You will be wasting a lot of time and money if you don't set clear goals.

A brand is more than just a logo or a color scheme, and it's much more than just a cover photo. A brand is how you make your customers feel, and it's built by maintaining a consistent approach throughout all of your interactions with them.

Go over the basics.


1) Conduct a social media audit across all of your profiles.

2) Make sure your logos, banners, bios, posting cadences, and handles all follow your brand guidelines, and audit them regularly.

3)Make sure you're posting regularly and that your content matches the look and feel of your brand.

Extend your brand's visual identity.


1)Create a visual brand guide that includes fonts, their applications, and colors. We define brand elements like typography and color and outline their uses on a visual style guide at Hootsuite, Buffer, and many other companies.

2)Create graphic templates for announcements of the same type (e.g. new product announcement has a similar font, color, and design)

Create photos and videos that are consistent with your brand's aesthetic and color palette. The posts should be able to seamlessly transition from one to the next.

Create marketing personas.


1)Create several marketing personas and assign them to the appropriate social media networks.

2)If you need to learn more about your audience, look into the demographics of your networks or create listening queries.

3)Create content that corresponds to the personas.

Define your brand's tone and voice.


1)Your voice and tone guide should be fully developed and written out. Even better, use social media listening to confirm some of your writing style choices.

2)Examine your own social media posts for areas where your voice and tone could be improved.

3)Distribute the guide and train copywriting teams. Ensure that your social media team, including customer service, follows this voice and tone guide when writing new posts.

Make multiple accounts for various areas of interest.


1)Examine your services and determine where you should focus your efforts.

2)To ensure consistency across all accounts, repeat your branding steps for each one. To fit its customer profile, one location may want to be a little more sarcastic than another.

3)To keep multiple accounts under one ownership, use a service like Hootsuite or Later.

Keeping a record of people who have heard about your brand

You can also use techniques like regular audience surveys to determine their level of brand recognition, learn which audiences you're effectively reaching, and determine if their perceptions of your brand are consistent with your goals.

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