Android Mobile Application Development:

Eracom with its quality Android Programming Developers concentrates on delivering performance based Android applications with data and memory management. With our team of skilled developers and their world class expertise in Android app development, we are able to provide seamless, timely, native Android App Development Services at affordable cost. The experience we gained on the road through various challenging Android app projects for clients based in India, USA has helped us to create unique, robust Android Applications in quick turnaround time. Eracom, we adopt proven methodologies and explore Android app development tools to develop a whole new level of apps that stands out from the rest of the lot.

Android SDK Development Platforms

Java Programming on Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32- or 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit) and MAC OSX.

Android OS 2.2 – 4.4.4

Android Applications

Android is developed with the aid of Google and Open Handset Alliance. It is an operating system as nicely as a software program platform, essentially designed on Linux. Since it is created on open supply basis, any Android application developer can customize the operating system at a minimal possible cost.

Android Programming

Our strategy to Android Programming is to harness the contributions of this unique open-source technology and perform Android application development to create applications that add value to the quit user. By successfully using the complicated Google Android SDK platform, our extraordinarily professional team of Android application developers influences the wide-ranging set of development equipment of the Google’s Android SDK to delve into unlimited possibilities. The Android Development Team has all the important capabilities and expertise required in Android application development. By the usage of framework of JAVA and Android, we create applications that are easy to port and offer value addition to our clients.

Android Applications

We have expertise in the following Android Applications

Reuse and replacement of components

Integrated browser

Optimized graphics

SQLite for structured data storage

GSM Telephony (hardware dependent)

Media support for common audio, video, and still image formats including MP3, MPEG4, H.264, AAC, JPG, AMR, PNG, GIF)


Camera, GPS, and compass, (depends on hardware)

Rich application development

Widget Development

API Customisation

QA/Testing Services

Wi-Fi & GPS Communication system

Office/Business system

Bar Code Scanning system

Multimedia application

security systems applications

Travel system

Internet Application

Mobile Banking

Games Applications

Android Application Development Skill Sets in Eracom

  • We offer all secure applications with multi touch gestures
  • Desktop based customized solutions and generalized widgets
  • Development services with integrating APIs like Google maps
  • Audio / Video capabilities using Media framework
  • Web server interaction from Android application
  • Server response rendered using XML parser, Json, SOAP
  • Interactive client side functionality using Web Services

We at Eracom as a quality Offshore Development Center (ODC) provide talented, dedicated developers for developing Android applications to our clients. This team of dedicated developers has abundance of experience in Java programming and is capable of developing world class apps using Eclipse and its plug-ins. Our team of dedicated project managers will study your requirements